How does it work?
  • Upload a query video from your library or paste a URL of any video on the internet.
  • Video metadata and embedded player will appear.
  • The video will be fingerprinted in real-time and sent as a query to our video-based search engine.
  • Matching video duplications, relevant metadata and match details will be streamed into the dashboard. 
  • Easy dual-player comparison between the reference video and the selected duplication. 
  • Sort duplications according to video platform, publish date, view counts, duration...
  • Export results data to an Excel file for further processing - Monetize, Ignore, Block or Takedown.
  • Manage your search configuration to fit your needs - Regions, Platforms, Publish Dates Range...
Simple. Interactive. Valuable.
INTERACTIVE    - On Demand Video-Based Search Engine


INTERACTIVE is an intuitive cross-platform search engine, empowered by Videocites Ultralight Video Identification Technology (UVID), that allows tracking all duplications of a reference video.