Board and Advisory Board Members

Steven Mail

Investor and Board Member


Steven Mail is an experienced investor, with a 33 years track record. He had a twenty year investment banking career in London and Paris.

In 2002, Steven raised $500 million to create and manage Europe’s largest single manager, global macro hedge fund.

Since 2012, Steven has been advising and investing in unlisted technology companies. He was appointed a Global Scot business ambassador in 2014, by the Scottish prime minister.

Passionate about developing a global entrepreneurial environment, Steven is a selection panelist and mentor with Endeavor, the world’s leading network for scaling entrepreneurs.

As voluntary president, Steven transformed a youth soccer club of 800 kids into The Florida Elite Soccer Academy with 8,000 players, Florida’s largest.

Prof. Ron Kimmel

Board Member


Ron Kimmel is a Professor of Computer Science at the Technion where he holds the Montreal Chair in Sciences.  He has worked in various areas of image and shape analysis in computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics. Kimmel's interest in recent years has been non-rigid shape processing and analysis, machine learning and understanding, medical imaging and computational biometry, numerical optimization of problems with a geometric flavor, and applications of metric geometry and differential geometry. Kimmel is an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to image processing and non-rigid shape analysis. He is an author of two books, an editor of one, and an author of numerous articles. He is the founder of the Geometric Image Processing Lab and a founder and advisor of several successful image processing and analysis companies. He served on advisory boards & long term consultant positions at HP-Labs (image processing), Net2Wireless (compression), MediGuide (medical imaging), and currently Intel (geometry sensing). Ron co-founded BBK-technologies, Agileye, Novafora, InVision, and Videocites.

Prof. Michael Bronstein

Scientific Advisory Board Member


Michael Bronstein is an associate professor of Informatics at USI Lugano in Switzerland, associate professor of Applied Mathematics at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and a Principal Engineer at the Intel Perceptual Computing group. Michael got his Ph.D. with distinction in Computer Science from the Technion in 2007. His main research interests are theoretical and computational methods in spectral and metric geometry and their application to problems in computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics, and machine learning. His research appeared in international media and was recognized by numerous awards, including three ERC grants and Google Faculty Research Award. Besides academic work, Michael is actively involved in the industry. He was the co-founder of the Silicon Valley start-up company Novafora, where he served as VP of technology (2006-2009), responsible for the development of algorithms for large-scale video analysis. He was one of the principal inventors and technologists at Invision Biometrics, an Israeli startup developing 3D sensing technology acquired by Intel in 2012 and released under the RealSense brand. 

Prof. Alex Bronstein

Chief Scientist and Scientific Advisory Board Member


Alex Bronstein is an associate professor of computer science at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, holding a second affiliation in the School of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, and a principal engineer at Intel Corporation. His research interests include numerical geometry, computer vision, and machine learning. Prof. Bronstein has authored over 100 publications in leading journals and conferences, over 30 patents and patent applications, the research monograph "Numerical geometry of non-rigid shapes", and edited several books. In addition to his academic activity, he co-founded and served as Vice President of technology in the Silicon Valley start-up company Novafora, responsible for the development of algorithms for large-scale video analysis that were licensed to Turner Broadcast Systems. He was a co-founder and one of the main inventors and developers of the 3D sensing technology in the Israeli startup Invision Biometrics, subsequently acquired by Intel in 2012. Prof. Bronstein's technology is now the core of the Intel RealSense 3D camera integrated into a variety of consumer electronic products.

Effi Atad

Advisory Board Member


Effi is a serial technology and media entrepreneur. He is an expert in the online video industry, video processing and transport technologies, internet and mobile and video/TV content.

Effi is currently CEO and Co-founder of Showbox, an innovative cloud-based video show creation platform. Among other companies, Effi founded and led WiNetworks, IPPlanet and New Media Communication that was acquired by

Harmonic Inc (NASDAQ: HLIT).

Effi was also one of Israel's leading film and TV producers.

Yuval Hollander

Advisory Board Member


Yuval is a digital strategy and social media expert, he drives world-class results using his wealth of experience and relationships built over the course of a storied career with the largest international advertising agencies in Israel. During his long and successful career he led creative teams in an extraordinary array of media campaigns, securing business success for clients and winning a wide variety of international creative awards.  Mr. Hollander has overseen entire digital departments and served in roles ranging from Digital Creative Director to VP New Media at Adler Chomsky (Grey Israel), McCann Ericsson, Reuveni Friedan (IPG Israel).

Yuval also serves as a digital strategy consultant for a number of Israeli and international companies and brands and gives back to the community lecturing at various Universities in Israel on advertising, creative and marketing subjects.